Domicile Certificate

Domicile certificate is generally issued to prove that the person holding the certificate is a resident of the State / Union Territory by which the certificate is being issued. This certificate is required as a certificate of residence so that habitat / residential quota can be provided in educational institutions and government services, and also in case of job where local residents are given preference.

What do you need to do to obtain a residence certificate?

The prescribed applications are either available online or from the local authorities, ie, the Sub Divisional Magistrate / Tehsildar’s Office / Revenue Department / District Collector’s Office or other authority, as specified by the State / Union Territory of your residence. You will be required to provide proof of residing in the State / Union Territory continuously for a specified minimum period, or depending on the rules of respective State / Union Territory of keeping the land in the State / Union Territory. In order to prove your identity, the documents, requisition certification, school certificate and tehsil inquiry report may also be required by the authority of the requirement authority. Women, who live originally in the State / Union Territory, but marry men who are permanently residing in the State / Union Territory, who are eligible for residence certificate of the State / Union Territory, the residence The place is eligible for certificate.


Domicile certificates can only be made in one State / Union Territory. Obtaining residence certificate from more than one state / union territory is a crime.



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