Kuteti Devi Temple


Located on another bank, farther away from the town, this temple was constructed on a very old site, but appears to be new. Its priest, the latest from a family of priests spanning fourteen generations, tells an interesting story:

The Maharaja of Kota (in Rajasthan), lost a bag of money while on a pilgrimage to Gangotri. Thus, unable to meet the required expenses, he returned to Uttarkashi where he prayed for deliverance from his troubles at the Vishwanath.Temple, promising to marry off his only daughter to any suitable boy from the village, should his bag be found.The bag was found by the priest, inside the temple, and with all the money intact. The delighted Maharaja then requested the priest to arrange a suitable match for his daughter. In due course, the Rajkumari was married to a boy chosen by the priest of the Vishwanath Temple. But she was very unhappy because marriage would take her away from her family deity Kuteti Devi, whom she had always worshipped. So husband and wife together, prayed to the goddess to help them. Kuteti Devi appeared in their dreams and informed them that she would be present in their fields, in the shape of a stone. The Rajkumari and her husband, discovered 3 stones with a heavenly aroma, and the Kuteti Devi Temple was erected on the exact spot where these stones were found.

Uttarkashi is the Headquarters of the district of the same name. It is situated at a distance of 199 kilometres from Dehradun on the route to Gangotri.