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Meeting of all contesting candidates or their representative with election observer and DM Uttarkashi at 03-02-2022

Polling parties departing 3 and 2 days before the date of polling of the Legislative Assembly 2022


Postal Ballot

1.Postal Ballot Press Note (31.01.2022)

2.Postal Ballot Route Plan (Purola-01)

3.Postal Ballot Route Plan (Yamunotri-02)

4.Postal Ballot Route Plan (Gangotri-03)

Election Training Material

Polling  Personnel Presentation   Micro Observers Presentation



1 – Election Covid Guidelines(09-01-2022)

2 – USDMA Covid-19 Updated Guidelines (11-01-2022)

3 – Guidelines of ECI on publicity of criminal antecedents by political parties & candidates(14-01-2022)

4 – CRPC 144 Order(08-01-2022)

5 – Election Covid Guidelines (15-01- 2022)

6 – USDMA Covid guidelines (16-01- 2022)

7 – Election Covid Guidelines (22-01-2022)

8 – Video van instructions (22-01-2022)

9 – USDMA Covid Guidelines (22-01-2022)

10 – Designated Spaces(25-01-2022)

11- USDMA Covid Guidelines (27-01- 2022)

12- Election Covid Guidelines (31-01-2022)

13-USDMA Covid Guidelines (31-01-2022)

14- Election Covid Guidelines (06-02-2022)

15- CRPC 144 Order (08-03-2022)


BLO List

01 Purola 02 Yamunotri 03-Gangotri

Polling Station List (Vidhan Sabha Election 2022) 

01 Purola 02 Yamunotri 03-Gangotri


Conduct of Election Rules,1961 FORM-1 (Notice of Election) Conduct of Election Rules,1961 FORM-1(Notice of Election) Conduct of Election Rules,1961 FORM-1(Notice of Election)

Forms for Contesting Candidates

FORM 2B English Hindi Nomination Form for Legislative Assembly Election
FORM 26 English Hindi Affidavit
Additional Affidavit English Hindi Additional Affidavit
Oath (55 KB) Form of Oath Affirmation

Voter Registration Forms

Form 6 NEW पहली बार मतदाता या किसी एक निर्वाचन-क्षेत्र से किसी अन्य एक निर्वाचन-क्षेत्र में स्थानांतरण के कारण निर्वाचक नामावली में नाम को सम्मिलित करने के लिए आवेदन/Application for Inclusion of Name in Electoral Roll for First time Voter OR on Shifting from One Constituency to Another Constituency.
Form 6A NEW (460.3 KB) किसी प्रवासी निर्वाचक द्वारा निर्वाचक नामावली में नाम सम्मिलित किए जाने के लिए आवेदन/Application for Inclusion of Name in Electoral Roll by an Overseas Elector.
Form 7 NEW (559.3 KB) मृत्यु/स्थान परिर्वतन के कारण निर्वाचक नामावली में अन्य व्यक्ति का नाम सम्मिलित करने का आक्षेप/अपना नाम हटाने/किसी अन्य व्यक्ति का नाम हटाने के लिए आवेदन/Application for Objecting Inclusion of Name of Other Person / Seeking Deletion of Own Name/Seeking Deletion of Any Other Person’s Name in Electoral Roll due to Death/Shifting.
Form 8 NEW (546 KB) निर्वाचक नामावली में प्रविष्ट विशिष्टियों की शुद्धि के लिए आवेदन/Application for Correction to Particulars Entered in Electoral Roll.
Form 8A  (542.6 KB) निर्वाचक नामावली  में प्रविष्टि को अन्यत्र रखने के लिए आवेदन (एक निर्वाचन क्षत्रे में निवास स्थान को एक स्थान से दूसरे स्थान पर स्थानान्तरित करने के मामले में/Application for Transposition of Entry in Electoral Roll (in case of Shifting from One Place of Residence to Another Place of Residence within Same Constituency).
Form 12 Form 12A     Form 12D  

Fixation of Rates of various items of election expenditure to be used by the political parties and candidates during forthcoming sabha election,2022 regarding

Amendment/Revised Rate List



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