Shani Temple


Two routes take you to Kharsali from Hanuman Chatti to Yamunotri. They are on the either side of the river Yamuna. The route along the left bank goes to Kharsali where the Shani temple is situated. 1 km from Janaki Chatti, 6.5 km from Yamunotri and 8 km from Hanuman Chatti.

On either side of the Kharsali village are two temples, both dedicated toYamuna’s brother, Shani. Perched at a height of 7000 ft, one temple is very tall and is shaped like a 5-storey house. Built with stone and wood, this structure is protected from floods and earthquakes by wooden stilts which place it above the danger level. A narrow wooden staircase reaches right to the top floor where a bronze statue of Shani Maharaj is installed. Inside, it is dark and dingy, the sun peeping in only occasionally through slated roof. But standing here, you have a magnificent view of the entire Kharsali village pitted against theYamunotri.