Kapil Muni’s Ashram

kapil muni ashram

kapil muni ashram

From Mori one has to come down to Purola and then take a route to Gundiyat Gaon through an enchanting valley. A distance is about 10 kilometres from Purola.

Ten kilometres north west of Purola lies a village called Gundiyat. Situated 4500 feet above sea level, in a green valley where potato is the main crop, this is a typical Garhwali village, featuring black slate roofs and small windows on all the houses. Walk a little way, through the narrow ‘one person’ lane from the bus stop, and you’ll find yourself in what was once the sage Kapil Muni’s Ashram. It was here that the sage meditated to please the Lord Shiva and obtain a boon. To mark the spot where Shiva appeared, there now stands the Shivling called Kapileshwar Mahadev.

5 kms away, in a village called Rama, you’ll find the ancient temple of Lord Rama.