Karna Devta


From Netwar one has to climb up for a mile and a half to reach a village called Sarnaul. It is known for its serenity and sylvan charm.

There once lived a great warrior king called Bhubruvahan. This King of Patal Lok came to witness the epic war of the Mahabarata, intending to participate in it. But Krishna,who feared that he might overwhelm Arjuna, asked him to first prove his superiority with the bow and arrow. Bhubruvahan was happy to oblige. Asked to shoot off all the leaves on a single tree, he proceeded to comply, and to deceive him, Krishna hid one leaf under his foot, but the master archer’s keen.sense of observation did not miss this, and an arrow came shooting down towards Krishna’s foot. Krishna brought the leaf out hastily, only to see it torn apart by Bhubruvahan’s unerring aim.

After passing this test, the king told Krishna he wished to fight for the losing side-the Kauravas. The clever Krishna, who always sided with the Pandavas, secretly persuaded him that both sides were equal for him and he should remain neutral. Every one knew it for a fact that it will be impossible for a warrior to stay away from the war. They tried to get rid of Bhubruvahan. Krishna planned it in such a way that he was beheaded before the start of the war.