Apply for Death Certificate

Death certificate is a document which is issued to the closest relatives of the deceased person, in which the date of death is the description of the cause and cause of death. To prove the time and date of death, to free human from social, judicial and governmental obligations, to prove the facts of death to settle property related disputes and to insure the family and other benefits To authorize the death registration is mandatory.

Legal framework

Under the law in India (According to the Birth and Death Registration Act, 1969) it is mandatory for each death to be registered in the concerned State / Union Territory within 21 days of its occurrence. Accordingly, the Government has arranged for the well-defined system to register deaths in the Registrar premises of the Registrar, who are run by the district registrars in the villages near the Chief Registrar, near the Registrar General of India and in the States.

What you need to do to obtain a death certificate?

Report of death or registration can be done by the head of the family if it is at home; If it is in the hospital, by medical In charge, if it is in jail then the dead body of the prisoner in case of incarceration is done by in charge of the village or local place in charge. To apply for death certificate, you must first register the death. The registration of death is to be done by the concerned authority to fill the form prescribed by the Registrar within 21 days of its occurrence. Then the death certificate is issued after proper verification. If it is not registered within 21 days of the date of death, then with the prescribed fee from the Registrar / Region Magistrate, if delay is registered, permission is required. The application form that you need to apply is generally available with the Local Body Authorities or the Registrar of the Area, who maintains the register of death. You may be required to deposit the proof of the birth of a deceased person in the form of a promissory in which the time and date of death is specified, a copy of the ration card and the requisite fee as a court stamp.



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