Caste Certificate

Caste certificate is a proof of being a caste special, especially in such a case when there is a caste for backward castes as specified in the Indian Constitution. The Government realized that backward castes need special incentives and opportunities to progress at the same pace as the rest of the citizens. As a result, as a part of the Indian system of defensive discrimination, the citizens of this category are given some benefit, as reservation for seats in legislative and government services, some or all the excise duty exemption for admission in schools and colleges Quota in educational institutions, exemption of upper age limit for applying in some jobs etc. To be able to achieve these benefits, a backward caste person must have valid caste certificate.

Legal framework

The statutory list of the backward castes was notified in pursuance of the schedule of the Indian Constitution, 1994. These lists changed from time to time. Revised / supplemented. On the reorganization of the States, it has come into effect from schedule 2 of the Backward Caste List (Changes) Act 1994 (as amended). Therefore, in relation to the list of backward castes, some other orders have been introduced in the microstate states.

What do you need to do to get caste certificates?

Application form is available online or in the local related office in city / town / village, which is normally the office of the SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate) or Tehsil or Revenue Department. If any member of your family is first asked for local inquiry before issuing caste certificate. The certificate of residence in your own state for a minimum period of time, a promissory note in which it is mentioned that you belong to the backward caste and special court stamp charges are required at the time of application.



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