Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are very important documents of identity, due to this, anyone can avail the services provided by the Government of India to its citizens. It is compulsory to obtain a birth certificate as it certifies the date and date of someone’s birth for all purposes, such as obtaining the right to vote, enrolling in schools and government services, claiming to be legally allowed marriage. To settle the rights of inheritance and property, for obtaining birth certificate in the respective State / Union Territory Select State / UT from the menu to learn Detailed process. And government-issued identification documents such as a driver’s license or passport.

Legal framework

It is mandatory under the law in India (according to the registration of the Birth and Death Act, 1969) that registration of each birth / deceased child should be done within 21 days of being in the State / Union Territory of the concerned state. Accordingly, the government has arranged for a well-defined system for registration with the registrar at the centre and for registering in the premises of the Chief Registrar and the District Registrar in the districts and in the city.

What you need to do?

To give birth certificate for birth certificate, please register first birth. Within 21 days of birth by filling the form prescribed by the Registrar, birth registration is to be done by the concerned local authority. Birth certificates are issued after verification of the actual records of the concerned hospital. If birth has not been registered within the stipulated time of its occurrence, then the certificate will be issued after due verification by the police with the order given by the revenue authority.



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