Duryodhan Mandir


Saur village is situated on the Mori Taluka/Har-ki-Doon Road which is 12 kilometres from Netwar.

Krishna, who had stage-managed the show granted Bhubruvahan eternal life after the war. Consequently, his head was placed on the top of a tree that overlooked the warfield. And so, his helpless head watched the Kauravas lose the war; making protesting noises; inciting them to fight harder; advising them with new strategies; shedding tears at their every defeat. Bhubruvahan’s tears still flow today-so say the local people. It is those tears of intense, helpless, uncontrollable sorrow, that now make the river Tamas or Tons. That is why the water from this river is never drunk. Karna and Duryodhan were not the only admirers of Bhubruvahan. The people of the region started singing his praise. The inhabitants of this area made mandirs in memory of Karna and Duryodhan. One at Sarnaul, the other at Saur respectively. The two eventually became ” Kshetrapal” of the area.