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DM Visit in remote village of uttarkashi

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Yamunotri Temple


It is from Barkot that the road to Yamunotri starts wending its way along the banks of the Yamuna and the roads from Mussoorie and Kalsi meet here. There is motorable route up to Hanuman Chatti. This little Chatti is just 7 kilometres from Sayana Chatti and set against beautiful surround­ings. A 13 kilometres trek to Yamunotri starts from here.

Two perilous routes connect Hanuman Chatti toYamunotri. The route along the right bank proceeds via Markendeya Tirtha, where the sage Markendeya wrote the Markendeya Puran. The route on the left bank goes to Kharsali. From here, the climb takes five or six hours. There are two kunds atYamunotri, at a height of 3292 metres: Surya Kund, whose water is boiling hot; and Gauri Kund, where it is just tepid. The idol of Yamuna is a vision in black; and Ganga, a lady in white. The river Yamuna flows from Kalindi Parvat in the Bandar Poonch range. Here, flowers, especially wild roses, grow in abundance. Yamunotri is surrounded by some hoary chestnut trees. According to Hindu mythology and custom a dip in the Yamuna here would absolve one of all sins.